Embracing sustainability

So many things are important to us and being 'Green' is one of them.
We work in an old converted piggery at Abbey Farm Barns and our windows look out over
the ever moving light brown blanket of a wheat field. It's a perfect place and makes us feel
close to the natural forces of nature every day. Such inspirations are a key part of the process
for us, infiltrating our thoughts and our designs.
The oak we use is sourced from fully sustainable forests. That's very important. And in order to
get the very best quality we've chosen to use imported American White Oak from the mountains
and hills of Tennessee.


We know it's genuine because just the other day we found a bullet embedded in the wood.
A bit of digging and chiselling later and we were able to inspect a heavy lump of lead that had
three distinct circles around the barrel.
Research has shown that the most likely source was that it flew from the musket of a gun
during the American Civil War around 1865.

Our aim then at Hop & Peck is to bring the natural ambience of a peaceful woodland into your
home. Whether the sun's rays are filtering through your windows or the leafy canopy of a
sustainable forest, the oak it falls upon is still the same.