About Us

It began with a wooden racing car and has grown to over 40 products sold in the UK and overseas.

Welcome to Hop & Peck. Designers and makers of high quality wooden wares for the nursery, kitchen and home. All lovingly handmade from oak (occasionally beech and daringly walnut). Pleasingly simple creations that inspire the need to touch and feel. We deliver clean, cutting edge design that is full of character and brimming with charm. And we’re as green as the acorns from which we grew. All our wood is sourced from fully sustainable forests.

Wooden animals on wheels set the ball rolling as the first products in the Hop & Peck range. Quirky egg cups made a fun Easter gift (and a sneaky alternative to chocolate) and the award winning treat boards were inspired to encourage little ones to trial and mix new taste sensations. 

With a love of good food, fine wine and great company, Hop & Peck expanded its horizons from the nursery to the home with a stunningly stylish array of household products. Creations that shared the same simple ethos of clean, contemporary designs, blended with an aesthetic appeal and charm – products with a purpose.

Hop & Peck is an ever growing team based at Abbey Farm Barns in the English countryside at Saffron Walden. The brand is a winner of three design awards at London shows and has become a supplier to over 100 retailers.



Design, branding, and photography by Elaine Welch.

Two home page lifestyle images with thanks to Photographers Hannah Tasker & Sharon Garna.