August 12, 2014

Chiseling, sawing, sanding and polishing make up the sounds of the workshop as solid oak is
turned from the vast planks that are delivered to an array of objects – toys, egg cups, platters
and wine racks – each bursting with personality and a very unique charm.

We could have arranged for our designs to be mass produced, but that would spoil everything.
To us the quality and integral character of a piece is paramount to the purpose. See it, touch
it and feel it are the keys to success and for that to happen we create and make

It's a hands on process which means that no two items are ever quite the same and that's not
just down to the inherent beauty of the grain. Each piece has a signature all of its own whether
that comes from the hand painted wheels on the toys, bevelled edges on the boards or
curved shapes of the egg cups.

Handmade in England means exactly that. Bringing you items and gifts that have
a soul of their own.

Home sweet home

How much is:

Moving into a new website is a bit like moving into a new house. A house that has no furniture, dull white walls and a very complicated central heating system that has lots of buttons and controls and a large, scary-looking boiler.

The potential is exciting and the pulse races as you stand in the hall staring up a grandiose staircase. 'Visitors are going to like it here,' you think to yourself. Having been used to a student bed-sit, this is quite a change! A sign that we're going up in the world!

I mean there's so much more space. And some very interesting cupboards – especially in the kitchen where opening a door reveals another shelf that slides out and a secret container with a lid that miraculously opens by itself.

You can change the size of the cupboards, you can change the size of the shelf and you can create a bigger lid... and if that isn't enough then you can redecorate in an instant with more colours than the Dulux dog has had cold dinners.

Do please have a look around and be sure to explore a few cupboards! We've put some new things in them!

Perhaps the most apt is a lovely, big, wooden keyring in the shape of a key or a heart or a house. Ideal for a new home! Then there's our oval baguette boards, giant teddy bear server, daisy chain and branch hooks...