November 02, 2015

Inspired by the love of Autumn.

Copper, gold, red and chestnut make up natures gorgeous warm Autumn palette. Surrounded by clear skies and crisp wintry air, creating accents of cool blues, soft grey shades and deep midnight tones. 

We have taken our favourite oak designs and introduced a number of new textures and colours to compliment for Autumn. Taking inspiration from the colours of nature and adding our very own contemporary twist to each design.

You will find cool denim hues and dark midnight shades in a new range of home and linen tableware. This contrasts perfectly with the warmth of our oak kitchen ware and accessories. We have cushions that make a bold statement whilst being luxuriously soft to our new washed table linens that add a touch of luxury to your table. 



March 20, 2015

Hello Spring...

..and welcome everything that comes with it. Touched by a little warmth in the air, mesmerised by happy cheery birds singing in the blossom and captivated watching a little wren building her nest gradually twig by twig.

Spring really is a treat

December 20, 2014

We've 'popped up shop' at the Cambridge Brew House today!

On the busiest Saturday before Christmas. Cambridge shoppers are sipping velvety cappuccino's, mellow reds and the best brews in town! Feasting on the classically British lunch menu, of temping smoked meats and fish and gathering Christmas gift ideas in the warmth of the Cambridge Brew House.

We've popped in with an array of our Hop & Peck goodies to give shoppers a little inspiration as they relax and dine in the festive warm atmosphere of the pub - and what a nice place to spend the day!

We've brought a selection of our quirky handmade wares including our clever wine rack, cheeky Cheese Bite boards with the delicious and fiery Chilli Jam from Hawkshead Relish company, big bear platter - perfect for sharing, fun little oak egg cups and heirloom wooden toys plus much more. 

Why not pop in, give your shopping feet a restful break, enjoy a glass of fizz or a lovely cool beer.

It's Christmas, pop in and say hello!



November 15, 2014

Entering into the Spirit

Steve isn't what you'd call a typical white van driver. If it wasn't for the raucous howl of the woodwork machines back at Abbey Farm (around which he seems so at home), you'd have said that he has a penchant for the quiet life.

So driving into London on a bleak and blustery November day was never going to be his idea of fun, nor anyones for that matter. But when the doors were flung open to reveal a transit packed to the brim with all manner of handmade goodies, pulses raced and spirits soared.

Which a good thing because this was the Spirit of Christmas Fair after all...a retail market of mayhem and merriment. From November 4-9 all roads headed to Kensington. It was the place to be and be seen. Hundreds of exquisite little art and craft businesses offering such an array of gifts for the festive season that Santa would have done well to send an assignment of elves.

As far as we know he didn't, more fool him, but that didn't seem to matter as crowds flooded through the gates and descended on the stalls, one of which was us, Hop & Peck. It was our first appearance at this Fair and one that will live long in the memory, once we'd overcome the initial hurdle of unpacking the entire van in less than 60 minutes. What was it going to do, turn into a pumpkin? We, fortunately, never found out. Running with a two-wheeled trolley stacked daringly with boxes too and from the stand had similarities with It's a Knockout...we were lucky not to put the limp in Olympia.

Six days the show lasted with Elaine, and her mum Linda, bearing the brunt of the marathon. People were buying wine racks and egg cups, cheese boards and oak houses. Then there were the key rings which flew off the shelf like...well, acorns from an oak tree when there's a greedy squirrel about.

As for me (I'm Pete by the way), well, I managed three days, but one of those was more as a buyer than a seller.

I now associate two things with Olympia. The Horse of the Year Show (back when it was on telly) and Hop & Peck...particularly the beaming faces of all those hundreds who fluttered about our stand like butterflies in a meadow. We'd like to thank all of them...And the stand upstairs that had the toffee vodka.

August 15, 2014

Bring back the boiled egg

We had to hire a crane today to lift this giant egg into position. It was worth it though,
as a publicity stunt to launch the newest addition to our range of ever-so-popular egg cups.




Meet the Bear Egg Cup (actual size 9 x 8.5cms) which is now available along with the tractor,
bunny ears, baby bunny, hen, rocket, heart and elephant in a motley crew designed with the
express purpose of bringing smiles to breakfast time. Or dinner for that matter. All eight are
supporters of the ‘Bring Back the Boiled Egg’ movement.

The Bear also becomes one of Hop & Peck’s ‘three bears’. An extra large platter board
(another new line for the Autumn) and the bear treat board being the other two.

Everyone loves a Teddy.


August 14, 2014

Hand picked meets hand made!

We couldn’t resist this photograph when master craftsman Stephen arrived with a punnet
of home grown raspberries. What could be better than this fruits of the forest arrangement?

The photographer had to be quick though because the Hop & Peck staff appear to like
raspberries even at 9am.

The picture has immediately made it onto the opening page of our brand new,
‘all singing all dancing’ website. You can’t beat a splash of red to set off the natural hues
of an oak chopping board thought Elaine as she smacked the hands of those delving
into the raspberry bowl.

August 12, 2014

Home sweet home

Moving into a new website is a bit like moving into a new house. A house that has no furniture, dull white walls and a very complicated central heating system that has lots of buttons and controls and a large, scary-looking boiler.

The potential is exciting and the pulse races as you stand in the hall staring up a grandiose staircase. 'Visitors are going to like it here,' you think to yourself. Having been used to a student bed-sit, this is quite a change! A sign that we're going up in the world!

I mean there's so much more space. And some very interesting cupboards – especially in the kitchen where opening a door reveals another shelf that slides out and a secret container with a lid that miraculously opens by itself.

You can change the size of the cupboards, you can change the size of the shelf and you can create a bigger lid... and if that isn't enough then you can redecorate in an instant with more colours than the Dulux dog has had cold dinners.

Do please have a look around and be sure to explore a few cupboards! We've put some new things in them!

Perhaps the most apt is a lovely, big, wooden keyring in the shape of a key or a heart or a house. Ideal for a new home! Then there's our oval baguette boards, giant teddy bear server, daisy chain and branch hooks...